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(Archived) Evernote won't sync any notes created from Outlook


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My Manager has set up a Notebook and six of us of us are Joined to this Notebook.  After everything working fine for two days the six joined members can no longer get any notes to sync that were created by clicking the Add to Evernote 4 tab in outlook.


They show on my desktop version and when I sync it says sync complete but when I go to the web version any notes created from outlook have not synced.  It is the same for the other users the only person who can now sync any notes created from outlook is my manager who owns the notebook.


All the joined notebooks have the "view notebooks and make changes" and this works for Notes with Pictures and normal text but anything created with Outlook doesn't work.


Are we missing something obvious?


Thanks for your help in advance

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Hi and welcome to the forum,


Can you confirm if this did work to start with?


Are you selecting the correct Notebook to save to?


Do you have permission to change the Notebook?


Best regards



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Yes we only set the Evernote up last week and it was all working as two of us using it sit next to each other and we were testing it out.

If I create a new note in Evernote and then create a note by clicking the tab in outlook they both show in the Notebook but when I sync the Evernote Note Syncs but the Outlook note doesn't.

That's why I can't work it out as if my manager attaches a note from Outlook and syncs it we can all see it but anybody who is a Joined member can't add Outlook notes.

Have tried doing the same from my computer at home with the same result.

We rolled this out to our sales guys yesterday but now can't get it to work. Had a Chat with Evernote online and they checked the Log and couldn't spot anything obvious.

Thanks for your help

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I would get your Manager to double check that you are still down as being able to check the 'sharing' permissions in case they have changed for some reason.


For what it is worth I have a shared 'business' Notebook which has been used for 6 months. Today another user could not make a change to it! It seems to have switched off the sharing permissions. No idea why, buy I re set it and all is now fine.


Just re-reading your message above. You are saying that you can indeed save to the Notebook and see it there? But when you sync it has disappeared? Can you check to see if it has moved to another Notebook? Perhaps put a specific word in the body of the email before saving to Evernote from Outlook. Also have a look in your trash to see if it ended up there.


You could try and totally remove your own version of Evernote and then re install. See if that makes any difference.


If all else fails you could use the email to Evernote method.


Set up a 'Quick Step' in Outlook then all you need to do is click on the 'Quick Step' and the email will be sent.


See my notes below for setting up the 'Quick Step'


In Outlook (this is written using 2007), one of the most useful features that not a lot of folks know about is 'Quick Step'
From the 'Home' page of Outlook look at the top middle section and you will see a block called 'Quick Steps'
Click the arrow below the 'down' arrow on the right and then click on 'New Quick Step'
Now select 'Forward To'
Give a name to the quick step, mine is called 'Evernote Inbox'
Add your 'Evernote' email address followed by the @ and the name of your 'Notebook'. Mine is called 'Inbox'. Add any tags with the #
Click 'Options'
Then 'Add Action'
'Choose An Action'
At this point I choose 'Move to folder'. This allows you to move your email to another folder in Outlook after the above task has been carried out. I put my emails in an 'archive' folder.
You will see that this one 'Quick Step' allows you to choose emails as they come in and send them to your 'Evernote Inbox Notebook' very easily. I may change the 'Notebook' destination if the email just needs storing in another folder. So for example today I renewed the insurance on my Classic Mini Convertible. I forwarded the confirmation emails via my 'Quick Step' and changed the destination to my personal 'Notebook' called 'Various'. Adding the tag '#Libby' (My Mini is known as Libby due to the registration)

I have since done the same in Outlook 2013. Hope it helps.


Best regards




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