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(Archived) Title order sorting - how EXACTLY should I be doing this?

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Okay, so I really love the concept of Evernote, but if I can't work out a way around this, I will pack it in!


I have a number of notebooks that I have created to keep in one place communication between me and other people. I want to organise the notes within them in date order. Because I transferred them over from Outlook on the same day, it wasn't going to happen automatically, so I have instead used the Title with the date in order to do so.


Initially I did this:


12/12/12 Email from...

12/4/12 Phone call to...


Which didn't work.


So then:


12/12/12: Email from...

12/04/12: Phone call to...


Still no good.




121212: Email from...

120412: Phone call to...


No dice. :-(


Hence, if anyone can tell me how I should Title them in order to do what I want, that would be just wonderful! :-)


Thank you so much in advance! :-)

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There are many different methods.

I would not include the / in the date or the colon after the date.

I prefer yyyymmdd location subject person



20130611 MA Boston Pier 4 dinner with Marketing dept


20130611 MN Rogers Dental appt JLB


For stuff already imported, I'd let it sit in Evernote and make a few corrections each day. The search capability can usually narrow the choices down.

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Brilliant! I didn't realise I could do that...if I had done, I'd just have done it! Let me just look and see if I can work it out. A-HA! I just have! Thank you SO much for that...you are a champion! Now I'll go and re-date all the others. THANK YOU! :-D

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