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(Archived) Nul notebooks

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I opened Evernote just now [iOS 6 version] not long after having used it on my iPad and none of my notebooks had a title, all just said Nul where it should have given the number of notes.

I closed my iPad as quickly as possible in case it synced, raced to my Mac and all seemed OK, but to make sure I copied my most important note, then made quick changes to as many as possible and synced them.

Back to iPad and all seemed normal, but what on earth was going on?

To make this post I was looking for my p/w in a recently p/w protected file in Evernote I typed cmd-b to make a heading bold on my Logitek iPad keyboard and Evernote quite - did it twice more and it quit each time. Is this a 'feature' of p/w protected text?

Cheers, C

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