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(Archived) Beginner's question re pdf annotation searching

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I recently downloaded EN for the purposes of organizing a large academic research project and am evaluating whether to adopt it as my main strategy for organizing source materials. Question: I have some lengthy pdf files. I plan to annotate these (specifically, by tagging with keywords and/or making comments in the margins), but need my annotations to be searchable. Can I do this? Would this be done through Skitch? Again, it's not enough to tag the pdf as a whole; I need to be able to search annotations sprinkled throughout the pdf. Finally, not sure if this is relevant: I'm not currently a Premium member but am definitely willing to become one if I go with EN. 

I imagine this is a very basic question, but I can't seem to find an answer! Thank you.

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Hi - welcome to the forums. You won't be able to annotate PDF files easily,  though if you store an annotated file you will be able to find the handwritten comments - with a moderate degree of accuracy. I doubt there's an app in the world that will do exactly what you want.  I'd recommend splitting your requirement between resources - using online storage for reading files, reading software for annotations and Evernote for storing and searching the completed works.  depending on the volumes involved,  you might get away with the free file limits...

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I suggest using endnote.  It can't do the annotating stuff you want, but you can tag and search.  + organisation is only part of the procedure, its in writing papers that endnote becomes really useful for referencing.


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