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(Archived) Possible to save notes on iphone/ipod touch?

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I'm considering buying an ipod touch for being able to use evernote to read articles when I'm stuck waiting in line etc. and I was wondering if the evernote iphone app supports saving notes to the iphone/ipod's memory. Ideally it'd be nice if I could set it to automatically download all notes when its in a wifi area. This way when I'm at home I can clip articles and they'd be automatically saved over my home wifi to the ipod so I'd be able to read them on the go in non-wifi areas, but even the option to through the app interface select a note to save to the ipod would be helpful for this purpose.



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When you are viewing a note on the iPhone/touch, you can click the "Favorite" star on the note. Then this note will be stored on the device and available in the Favorites list of the app.

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