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(Archived) Unable to sign into Evernote Windows client after 2 step authentication enabled


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Guest mrossk

I have also activated 2 step authentication a vew days ago. I have logged out from the windows-client and then logged in to the windows-client and was asked for the authentication-number one time. Since then it works without problems.


Do you have the newest windows-client from evernote? This is necessary.

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I had logged off and back on prior but the key was upgrading the client. Once I upgraded I was able to login fine. Thanks.

One oddity I noticed though, now the client reports I'm on a free account when I'm a premium member. Web client indicates I'm premium. Must be a bug.

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I had the same problem - updated and am fine now.


With regards to the premium account. You have to go into TOOLS > OPTIONS  and untick 'show advertisements'. It is disappointing that this is not the default for premium members.

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