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Evernote & Memoto/Lifelogging

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It would be a lot of data.  It appears Memoto has their own cloud & software that will upload & auto tag/organize for you.  But it would be neat to somehow be able to pull some of the more meaningful snaps into Evernote, to save forever or 100 years, whichever comes first.  I have a smallish Muvi clip on cam, that I've dinked with wrt lifelogging.  IE clip it on my shorts when going for a run or my totebag when out shopping.  Most of the stuff it's recorded is not stuff I'm interested in keeping - nothing of interest or significance going on.  So I'm guessing there's a lot that many people won't elect to keep with the Memoto.  But It's just that you never know when something might happen that you'd love to have documented. 


I'm on the fence about the Memoto.  Would love to get one.  But it seems the second release of novel items is usually a lot better than the first one.  I just don't know if I want to wait for the second version to be released, since the first version hasn't even shipped.  :D

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Reviving this thread to cross link to a Topic I posted about life logging and Evernote





I've found a method for android users to record their entire day at 30 second intervals and then store this as a +/- 15 Mb video file.

In terms of storage, it's about the same as 356 mp3 audio files per year. 


I did this without Memento, but I do need a desktop to merge the snapshots into a video file.

I was using a linux script to do this, but I also used windows at other times.


I'm writing a tutorial on how to achieve this.


Downside, it that I had to make a lanyard type holder to wear the phone around my neck, which made me feel a bit awkward, but then they started selling these phone lanyards in the shops, so it became a little less weird.

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