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(Archived) Easy Rename



Is there a easy way to rename many notes at once.


I have named many many files 'wrongly'



2010 09

2010 08

2010 07


and now i want to change

2010 09  ->  2010 08

2010 08  ->  2010 07

2010 07  ->  2010 06


so instead of selecting the note, clicking on the on th 'i' button and then editing the name, is there an easier way?


Like change the name of a note in the list view, and then hitting the tab key to carry on renaming the next file (like photoshop)



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@pukoh: I'm not quite sure I follow. You can rename notes in all the views by selecting the note and editing the note title in the note editor (no need to do an extra click by clicking on note info).


There is not a fast and easy way to rename many notes at once; you're right. 


Can you explain what you mean by "was it a conscious decision to not allow note renaming in the list view?" - do you mean the note list itself or a specific list view: Top List or Side List View?

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