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(Archived) Who stole my Evernote window?

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This will be funny tomorrow but I'm tired now - I like to have multiple displays so I can cut and paste between screens; I write stuff so there's notes and drafts and other things.. - and I was using my laptop earlier with an extension screen.  Evernote was roosting on that screen,  and I shut down my system in that state.  Now I'm squinting away at my poor little gas single-screen display,  and I restarted Evernote.  I have the icon,  but I can't get the window to open anywhere on the screen I can see - I have a bad feeling it's lost in virtual space over to my left somewhere.  Most other apps seem to realise when there's no nice rolling meadows to play in,  and just show up on the single screen.  Evernote behaves more like a free spirit and likes kicking the daisies - might be something to look at lads,  next time someone's under the hood..


(And yes,  I know there's apps I can download that will kick the window back into view - or I could go get my 'other' screen and wire 'em up;  but like I said.  Tired now.)

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Evernote stores it's window placement in the registry, but it is in binary format, so isn't too easy to work with.

I believe that deleting a registry key and running Evernote will reset said key to default. Not sure whether this is something that you want to try. I will mess with another monitor and see what happens. Ok, so it seems win 8 just puts it back in the right place when the display changes.

I did put it way in the bottom corner and exit so that value was saved in the registry (effectively your situation) deleting the key, and running Evernote made it show up dead centre. So this may be what you want to do if you want EN back.

Also, can you get the "move" window option in vista? By right clicking on the taskbar window button? (not the tray icon)

You may be able to select this, and then use the arrow keys to move it into a visible location.

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Been there, done that. This does not always work, but if the laptop is running without the extra screen, it's worth a try.

With Evernote running, but not visible, use the task manager(Alt+Tab) to select Evernote.

I admit the next part is hazy. Alt + space bar + arrow keys will permit you to move the window into view. Sorry I can't be more specific, but the memory fuzzy.



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Hey guys - thanks for the help.  In my own defence I did say I was tired last night..  seems I slept the laptop rather than switch it off before I had my rant yesterday,  because when I started it up this morning,  evernote popped up dead centre of the main display with no problems whatsoever.


Thanks for the practical suggestions,  I'll just keep quiet for a while now... :wub:

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the easiest way I've found to getting to that lost window, open taskmanager, right click on the offending app, select maximum. This will full screen the app. Then just grab the top tool bar of the app and move your mouse. That will force it into a windowed mode where you can put it anywhere you like.

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