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How do I add a todo from IFTTT


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I would like to automatically add a todo checkbox to something coming in from IFTTT. I tried this in the body:

From: {{FromAddress}}<br>Subject: {{Subject}}<br>Date: {{ReceivedAt}}<br><hr><en-todo checked="false"/>{{BodyPlain}}

But that didn't work. Has anything been figured out on this yet? Todo and reminders would both be awesome!

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I think you'll find neither of these possible with IFTTT.


A clue with the email recipes is that the message body ingredient as you add it is plain text.

I don't think there's a way to get non-plain text into a note, which rules out checkboxes.


Likewise, one can't suffix "!Tomorrow" onto the subject line and get a reminder as that only works and is converted by Evernotes email parser.


There's nothing preventing IFTTT from adding that functionality, but they'll have to be insert-able as IFTTT "ingredients" in the recipe UI.


I kludge it with [_]todo and a saved search that looks for "_todo" and then I manually replace/insert a checkbox.  The trick with "_" is that it's one of the only punctuation characters you can search for in Evernote.  Everything else is ignored, including "[" "]"


You're in good company though.  I re-reviewed a long list of blogs and IFTTT recipes, and there's still all questions and no answers.

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It's a bit of a hack, I'll admit, but, here is what I did.


First, I should say that I use Gmail to make this happen. Other services might work, you'll have to consider what they can do with filters.


Second, I utilize a feature of email addresses many don't know about. When email systems properly support email address standards you can do something like... say your regular email address was myname@gmail.com, you can send an email to myname+somethingelse@gmail.com and it will still arrive in your own inbox. The To: field will include the whole myname+somethingelse@gmail.com even though officially your email address is still just myname@gmail.com.  This feature is mainly useful for making filters more reliably based on the source of the email. For example, you could use it to figure out where spam came from. If you sign up for a seedy service that needs your email you can do myname+seedyservicename@gmail.com then when you get some unexpected spam or whatever, you can see if that full thing is in the to: field.


In my case, I use myname+ifttt@gmail.com as my IFTTT email address.


So now, all of my IFTTT email actions (the "that" part) send emails to this address.


Adding that and a little subject line formatting, I make a filter in gmail that takes email messages from ifttt and forward them on to my evernote upload email address.  Then I can use any of the magic email subject syntax that evernote supports to pick a notebook or set a reminder. I configure that in the subject on the email action on IFTTT.com.


Now, this doesn't exactly solve the desire to have a checkbox in the body. I'm not sure how I'd do that or if it's possible. But, since Evernote reminders have mainly superseded my past use of checkboxes, I am satisfied with this roundabout solution.


The one downside is that IFTTT appends a footer to the email with their logo. It's the only thing about this that bothers me and makes me continue to hope IFTTT adds the ability to create a reminder note as one of the output actions for Evernote.

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I would like to automatically add a todo checkbox to something coming in from IFTTT. I tried this in the body:

From: {{FromAddress}}<br>Subject: {{Subject}}<br>Date: {{ReceivedAt}}<br><hr><en-todo checked="false"/>{{BodyPlain}}

But that didn't work. Has anything been figured out on this yet? Todo and reminders would both be awesome!



This is what I did. I inspected element on a browser with a note which had existing checkboxes and got the address of the .gif they use for checkboxes.


My IFTTT recipe looks like this:

<img src="/images/rte_todo_unchecked.gif">{{Title}}<br>
When I tried it with <input type="checkbox"> it didn't work so I resorted to inserting the .gif instead. It works fine and it's even clickable!
The only annoying thing is that Evernote somehow inserts a <br> between the checkbox and the {{Title}}, despite not including it in the IFTTT recipe. If you have any ideas on how to get rid of that - I'm all ears!
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2 hours ago, passic said:

Sorry, I cannot understand, how can I add directly a todo with ifttt? Can you explain me please?

When you create an IFTTT recipe connected to Evernote, you have several options
     Create a note
     Append to a note
     Append a ToDo to a note

The last option will append a checkbox line to a note

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14 hours ago, passic said:

But what about if I want to create every time a new note? (I don't want to append the task) 

The only way is to make sure the title is unique - a new note will be created.
I can see a workflow where a task is created in your inbox with title "IFTTT Generated Task <timestamp>"
and you rename it.

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I know you specifically asked about IFTTT but, since it’s not possible, I thought I would mention that it IS possible with Workflows in a roundabout way. Create the note that you want in Evernote (with the checkboxes).  This will become your template.  Then create a workflow that copies that note & gives it a new title. I did it by creating a 4-step workflow: 1) Get Notes (Evernote), 2) Copy to Clipboard, 3) Get Clipboard & 4) Create New Note (Evernote). I tested it & it DOES carry over the checkboxes!!  I hope that helps!  If you want to schedule it, use IFTTT to schedule your workflow. Once you set it up, there’s nothing left for you to do manually. 

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