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(Archived) Loving Reminders so far - Especially 'In a week'

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I just wanted to say that the 'In a week' option is fantastic.  Beautiful little feature that just saves the mental energy of figuring out what day it is now, what's now + 7, pick that date out on a calendar, etc.  Love it.  The only thing that might make it even better would be an 'in X days' option along with the 'in a day' and 'in a week' buttons.  (Ideally it would remember the last value entered.)  I can see how that might not be worth the development effort or added clutter though.  (Although if clutter was a concern, maybe replace in a week with in _7_ days and let the user edit the number?)  Regardless, loving this little feature and reminders in general!


It must be exciting and occasionally overwhelming to be a developer at Evernote.  So many awesome things to do and build, and every time you finish something it makes the product even better, but also opens the door to 10 more new things users (and likely you) would love for it to do.  I run a small web startup and have some sense of what that's like, but not on nearly the same scale I expect!

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