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As said in the title I want to suggest that the makers of Evernote should make another application called Evernote Music. In Evernote Music I have six suggestion of what would happen the application.


Feature #1: The first feature of Evernote Music is already available in Evernote today. The feature is being able to take a picture of some sheet music ( either printed out on paper or a virtual copy in the computer) and the picture would be stored within Evernote.

Feature #2: As a continuation from feature #1, the second feature would be the the pictures stored could be transformed into a program that the pictures would be made into a virtual copy that has the exact same notes, rests, dynamics, accidentals, excreta. And on this virtual copy use can use it to scroll and look at the music.

Feature #3: Also a feature of this virtual copy (instead of just being able to look at the music and play it on and instrument of your choice) Evernote Music would be able to play the notes, rests, dynamics, accidentals, excreta with perfection. With an addition to this action in the settings you could be able to choose which instruments to use when the notes are played. I would like at the least these instruments to be able to choose:  trombone, tuba, flute, piano, violin, bass, and trumpet.

Feature #4: This feature is is the exact opposite of feature #3. In this feature the user would be able to play notes on an instrument and a program would be able to hear the notes and rests and would place the notes and rests onto a musical staff. plus the program would add accidentals if needed. The only problem I see is that the hearing of the instrument would have to be turned on and off manually and if wanted multiple instrument then they would need to play one at a time.

Feature #5: This feature is about using feature #2 in that the user could be able to edit the notes, rests, dynamics, accidentals, excreta. In case of feature #4 messes up then the user could be able to change the problem.

Feature #6: This feature is really simple to instal and use I would think. This feature is to be able to use a metronome. If Evernote Music uses a metronome that is able to change the beats of the metronome.

Thank you for reading my ideas for a new Evernote app ideas and if you make Evernote Music a real app I hope you use all listed features in the description. Also please reply listing your opinions, what other instruments should be included, and suggestions for new features. With Evernote Music student can use it to help get the rhythm, right note, and can experiment with different rhythms.

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