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Archive Apple Mail into Evernote with the Evernote API

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There are a lot of discussions in this forum (and at several other places), how to send archive emails from Apple Mail application into Evernote. In common, the following options are available:

  • Forward Email to your Evernote Email Account
  • Print your Email as PDF and transfer it to your local Evernote application (via Evernote PDF Printer Plugin)

There exists a lot of scripts in the internet which help automation of these tasks.


With this thread, I will show you a third option:

  • Transfer email to your local Evernote application, using the Evernote API

Go to codesnippets.fraenklenet.de and look for the "Mac OS X: Email2Evernote - Applescript" note.



Your feedback is highly appreciated!

Volker (codesnippets@fraenklenet.de)


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