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(Archived) How do I make my public notebook private?

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I have been using Evernote on my ipad. I recently got an android phone and right away installed Evernote. The interface is a little different, but this is when I discovered one of my notebooks is public (don't know how that happened). This kind of notebook status doesn't even show on in my ipad Evernote. How do I make it private again?

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Hi and welcome to the forum,


Something seems a bit wrong here.


If I understand you correctly you have a Notebook which you have used on your iPad which is not public or shared. Yet when you log on with your Android phone it shows that it is shared?


If this is the case then there is something wrong, but I don't know what.


However to remove public access. Open up the folder on the Android phone. Bottom right you will see 3 small squares, click on these. Select 'Share', If the Notebook has public access then you will have a tab at the top to 'Disable link'. That should sort it out.


But I would still want to question how this happened.


Do you use the Windows or Mac version of the software?


Best regards



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I would also check the web client and see what the notebook status is there. It is the source of all truths when it comes to EN, and so may be most informative.

It will also allow you to manage the sharing of the notebook.

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Thanks. I sorted it out on my android.

I used Evernote only on my ipad prior installing it on my smartphone.

What's web client?

Sorry I didn't know there is so much more to Evernote (the ipad version is very basic and simple)

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