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(Archived) Evernote does not work properly on Samsung Galaxy S4


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Hi - welcome to the forums.  You don't seem to have many notes - do you have enough storage space to set your notebook(s) for offline sync so a copy is kept on your phone?  Without local storage Evernote clears note data that's been sent to the servers,  apart from the index which it maintains on your handset.  If this is a recent install the index may not have caught up with all the thumbnails yet.  Using offline searching will keep a full copy of the note,  so should ensure you have a full set of pictures all the time.  You could also try removing and reinstalling the app to see if that makes a difference...

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Guest mrossk

I had the same problem on my galaxy S4 and have tried some things to solve this problem.


The only solution that has worked for me:

  1. delete Evernote from android
  2. delete the whole Evernote folder in the android-filesystem
  3. reboot the phone (unfortunately this reboot deleted all my evenote-shortcuts on the android-desktop)
  4. re-install Evernote
  5. set all options (sync-interval, offline-notebooks,...)
  6. create all desktop-shortctuts

Deleting the widget has not been needed to solve this problem on my phone.

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