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(Archived) Evernote suggestions: web interface link in menu bar and

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Hi, a few quick suggestions for Evernote:

1. Put a link to the web interface in the menu bar icon.

2. Make Evernote accounts work as forum accounts, so we don't have to create a separate account to participate on the forums.

2a. Or switch to a forum that does not send the password of my newly created account back to me in plain text via email (and does not store it this way either).

2b. Or allow open id

Thanks and keep up the good work!!

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Unfortunately, the forum was around before the majority of our Evernote clients, and Single Sign-On is not a possibility because of the way it was implemented. We may at some point include a link to the forums in our clients, but I have no direct knowledge of these plans.

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Are you sure? Just trying to plant a bug :) In my experience, 'not possible' is usually just another way of saying 'we haven't thought of a way to do it yet'.. Frankly, after more thought, I would rather use OpenID than my Evernote account, which has the advantage of being able to maintain a consistent identity. I realize that this is probably not on the priority list. There is more information OpenID for phpBB:


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