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(Archived) Ctrl-Right to end of line


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Hi. This may be covered elsewhere in the forums - apologies if so - but the Google Site search isn't working for me. Probably gremlins at this end.


In the Evernote editor on Windows, using Ctrl-Right to skip across words to the end of the line, it isn't possible to rest the cursor at the end of the last word, as is otherwise the norm in Windows editors.


Crossing fingers here: Is there any toggle (hidden in the registry maybe) to change this?


Many thanks in advance for any help.

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Hi - welcome to the forums.


Ctrl-right takes you to the start of words,  so if you go past the last word in the line you're at the start of the next line.  One left arrow takes you to the end of the previous line.  Or if you're in the middle of the line and want to go to the end,  there's this 'end' key which does exactly what it says on the can...


There's no fix for the current behaviour,  but why is it a problem exactly?

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Hi. Thanks for the reply.


Of course there are workarounds, but the 'problem' (or rather irritation) is that this doesn't follow the conventions followed by standard Windows applications. Wanted to make sure I wasn't talking out of my rear, and tested with Word, Notepad, Notepad++, Ultraedit and OneNote.


Each takes a CRLF as a special case that allows the cursor to stop at the end of the line.


Hopefully Evernote will allow for this in future, to conform with what's normal on the platform.

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In honesty I wasn't aware of the issue - I've managed to use innumerable word-processors and Evernote without noting more than the fact that the "editor" appears to be in breach of most country's advertising standards by being a tad .. basic.  I do hope it's on a route map somewhere to do a general upgrade - and maybe they can address your point at the same time.  Thanks for the input,  anyhow.

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