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(Archived) New user is having trouble adding documents to Evernote


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I need to add excel data to a note. When I try, it adds an excel link. I want the document fully displayed. I can paste the data, but the excel grid lines dont come over. I am sure ths is easy but I am not getting it.


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Hi and welcome to the forum,


How are you trying to add a link?


If you drag an excel file into a Note does that work?


Or can you copy and paste?


Finally you can always set up an Import Folder. Go Tools, Import Folder, then Add. Search out the folder on your computer you have your spreadsheet in, 'every' document in that folder will of course be imported.


Important to remember that if you change the document after setting up an Import Folder by opening from the folder on your computer, you will get another document added to the Notebook, when you save it. So it is often better to work on the document - spreadsheet in this case - by opening it from the Note and saving it. But you will then have to ignore the document in the folder as it won't be updated.


Phew, hope that makes sense!


Best regards



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