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(Archived) Evernote for Android - problem adding to lists


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I know I could easily make a list on my android phone by clicking the box button. Also, when I have the cursor at the last item on the list and press 'enter', the next line would automatically have a list box. However, after the last few updates on Android - this function is completely messed up -

If I go to the last item and then 'Enter' - then I get a line that is indented but no 'check box'. When I click on the check-box, then the checkbox on the item above gets removed!!! and then a new item gets started that is 2 lines below!!

On my PC though, it works fine - I can hit enter and the next checkbox automatically shows up.


Am I doing something wrong on the Android phone app or perhaps this is a bug that would get fixed hopefully in the next rev of the app.



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Thanks for the feedback.

I am using swype. I tried to disable it and use the standard built-in keyboard - same issue.

However, the issue has slightly improved - now, if I 'Enter' at the end of a list - I automatically get a new line with a checkbox. However, if I edit a line without a checkbox - put cursor at the beginning of the line, then click the check box option, the checkboxes in the 2 lines above it get removed. Then of course, trying to add checkboxes to the lines above removes from the earlier ones and so on. However, on my PC, I can add/remove checkboxes without issues.

So, it looks like in the last few updates that came through, the problem is partially fixed (I can get a 'checkboxed' line upon hitting enter at the end of a list).

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