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Hello! I'm a fairly new Evernote user and it was my intention to use the service for some good old GTD. For this reason, I've created several context tags that I use for everything. I'm dumping everything into an inbox and then tagging it with a context and moving it to an archive notebook. After the task is complete, I remove the context tag and it spends the rest of it's life un-tagged in the archive folder.

In theory, this will work, however it does not. When I remove a tag from a note on the Mac client and perform a sync, the tag is not removed from the note on the web interface (or the iPhone app... but I imagine that's one in the same). Console reports no errors and the notes themselves sync just fine. I can add tags and they appear online, but I can't remove them.



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Hi I have got the same (or a similar) problem. I have just updated to 1.8.1. Tags which I have removed from all or deleted from the Mac client are still there on the web client. All the notes are there fine, just the tags are not reconciled.

Thanks for your help with this.


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PS I've now found some other weird behaviour which is possibly connected - I had accidentally got NeverMap to add Geo tags to my notes. As I didn't want them I deleted the tags. But some of my notes are still tagged with those tags, even though they don't turn up in the list of tags in my Mac client. Is there something I should refresh?



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OK, so I needed to get this fixed and found out a way round it.

I deleted the tags that were deleted from the Mac client but not in the web client in the web client itself. I also used the web client to remove the tab I wanted to remove from all notes. The two clients now seem to be in sync with each other.

While I was at it I noticed some funny behaviour that's probably talked about on the web client forum - I was doing this tag management for a new public notebook. The public notebook wasn't happy when a note in it was tagged with a tag whose parent tag did not also appear in the public notebook. It spewed out an error message, but I was able to work out what the problem was as the name of the offending tag came up in the middle of the gobbledygook. I got round it by putting all my tags at the top-level - though this isn't ideal as I now have large numbers of unorganised tags...

Just in case this will help someone...


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