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(Archived) Can I "Save As" to a Folder?

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I am a new Evernote user and have been spending the past few hours reading as much as I can on getting up to speed using Evernote. I have been using webclipper and email to get items into Evernote, but I wonder if there is a way of putting content into Evernote similar to what I have been doing with DropBox. For example, if I scan something to a PDF, or receive an email which has a PDF attachment, what I have been doing with Dropbox is I have Dropbox set up as a "folder" on my desktop computer. I can open the PDF, and then click "Save As" (or do the same with a Word document) and then choose to "save it" to my Dropbox folder which effectively puts it in my dropbox and makes it available across all platforms. 


I am not sure how to achieve something similar with Evernote. If I have a Word document, or a receipt that I scanned into my computer or someother PDF, is there any way of getting it into Evernote other than emailing to my Evernote email address? 


TIA (thanx in advance) 

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Hi and welcome to the forums !


Sure. It is easy to accomplish what you want in EN. Assuming you are on WIN:

First, create a folder on your harddisk. Then

Go to TOOLS >> Import folders

Designate your new folder as Import folder, click OK.


Then set up your printer/scanner so that it scans into that folder. EN will then automatically import this to your "General" folder without any further attention. Sync and it will be synced to ENs Servers and available on all your devices.



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