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(Archived) Not perfect design for 7 inch Tablet


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I have Evernote installed on both my phone and 7 inch tablet. It looks perfect on my phone. However, I have a real problem with the way the Notes are presented on my Nexus 7 tablet (running android 4.2 with the latest version of Evernote).


Instead of just showing one line of separation between notes from different dates and the date itself in grey font, as it does on phone, it creates a large white square the size of a note with only a date on it. I have about a dozen of these white squares in the viewing window, which makes it very crowded, and there is no way to remove them.


I was told by tech support that it was actually “by design”. Well, that is certainly a bad design. Those empty squares with the date 1) look like individual notes, which is confusing since they are not, 2) unnecessarily occupy a lot of space, which is still precious on 7 inch tablet, and finally 3) do not even correspond to their intended notes – the one to the right of my actual note icon actually belongs to the note located down on the left, which creates even more confusion.


It would have been much better if the design that exists for the phones would have been preserved also for 7 inch tablets.




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A middle ground would be something like the "snippets" view that the desktop clients offer. In fact this is basically what the phone UI shows. I think this would scale well to a 7" tablet, and also allow a bit more info to be shown (e.g. tag list). I find the EN experience much better on my phone than my Nexus 7 at the moment, just because of the limited viewing options!


Basically I don't see the need to limit the viewing experience based on the screen density/size - give us List View, Snippet and Thumbnails on both tablets and phones!


Cheers, Mark

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