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related results in search



I am curious about the related results in Google search that the browser extension gives us. First of all, it is only 3 and in a lot of cases I would have a lot more than 3 related results. How does Evernote determine which 3 to display?

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We have a ranking algorithm and then display the 3 highest scoring notes. 


Is there any way to exclude folders from this? I'm finding a lot of my personal unrelated notes are showing up in the search. I can see why they could be ranked high (for instance all my tax scans show up if I search for anything remotely related to finances even though I could be looking for business accounting info on google).

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Currently there is no setting to exclude folders. You can hide them from showing the in UI in the successful clip notification in the Web Clippers. On Google searches you can only enable or disable the whole feature at the moment. 

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