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(Archived) Clipped web pages displayed truncated in Mac Evernote client



I am on a Mac running OS 10.8.3, with Firefox 21.0 + Evernote Web Clipper 5.7, and the Evernote desktop client 5.1.3.


I recently noticed that some web pages which I clipped using the said Firefox addon doesn't correctly display in the desktop client. Like this:




The portion visible in the screenshot above is all I got, I can't scroll down (there's nothing to scroll down to). Switching from normal window to full screen and back doesn't change anything either.


Perplexingly, the same clipping, opened in the web Evernote, looks normal:




I should also add that this is happening to the clippings I made a while (and a few versions) ago. What used to be perfectly normal now comes up truncated; just the top of the page and the rest is gone. I went back to the source URL and clipped again, to no avail. FYI, I got a few other add-ons installed, such as NoScript, but disabled them all when I made the second clipping. Besides I'm sure they were enabled the first time around, and I was still able to capture the whole page.


Certainly not the biggest deal in the world, for I can still view and edit those clippings in their original, complete form using the web Evernote, but it's annoying.


Just thought I'd bring this up, as nobody else has seemed to report in. Thank you in advance for your attention.

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Hi and welcome to the forums. Thanks for the headsup - if you don't mind it would be useful if you could file a support ticket for this too to make an 'official' report.  Please let us know if/ when you get a resolution.

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Thanks gazumped, will do.


As for the original issue, I still see no way out. One other funny thing I noticed about the desktop version is that when I opened the clipped page in question in the desktop version, for a fraction of a second it comes up complete (with all the images and other elements), then goes back to the curtailed form. So the data is there, stored somewhere on my computer, but it just won't display correctly....


Anyhow, thanks again for your response.

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