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(Archived) Newbie to Evernote

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Hi, I tried to find this here in the KB but having a little trouble.  I know there is no plugin for Mac for Outlook that works the way Evernote on a PC with Outlook works (the cute little elephant shows up and says "send to Evernote" and you can do this with any email) From what I have read, it seems like the sync functionality in the Evernote mac app is supposed to give you visibility for all of your tasks?  That's where I'm totally unclear.  What is the Mac app synching to?  The web based view in Evernote?  Sorry if this unclear but I use a PC for work and sometimes I work at home (and I *hate* carrying a computer anywhere!) so when at home I use my Mac.  I'm just trying to get all of my tasks in one central place.  I love Evernote because I can take notes in a meeting and have them organized by topic.


Thanks in advance to anyone who can decipher my question (I talk like this too, unfortunately.)



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Hi. Welcome to the forums. If you sync from any desktop version of Evernote, you save a copy of your note(s) - except for any Local Notebooks which stay with that machine - to the Evernote servers online.  The next time you sync with another machine,  it should pull down a copy of the same notes.  There may be differences in display in different OS's but the content will be the same.

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