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(Archived) Major sync issues

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Early this morning, I used the Mac Evernote app for my "To Do" Note and the "last modified" time was sometime early this morning (June 1, 7 AM)


Later this morning (around 9 AM), I used the iPhone Evernote app and the "To Do" Note stated that the last modified was May 28 (Tuesday)


I figured it was some iPhone issue but now, I logged into my Mac Evernote app and it shows "Today, 9:27 AM" as the last modified but the content is from May 28th.


I have LOST all my updates since May 28th - I clicked on the "view history of my note" and it asks me to update to its premium service. Seriously? Why would I pay for an non-Enterprise ready application? 


If you have suggestions to get my 4 days of updates, please let me know.


I love Evernote but lately i have been noticing way too many sync issues - 





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Note history is a premium feature. If you have lost data then you should open a support ticket.

I don't think anyone has suggested that Evernote is enterprise class software.

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Bankrober I am a premium user and I have had the same issue I lost all my work that I was doing for 3-4 hours. You are absolutely wrong it is principle of syncing check changes, time made and sync missing peaces and it has NOTHING to do with ENTERPRISE s/w

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You should also open a support case.


If you read carefully, the OP suggested that paying for a product that isn't enterprise ready was a difficult thing. I pointed out that I don't believe Evernote have ever suggested that their product is Evernote is enterprise ready.


I agree that sync'ing is not related to the class of software, but there are lots of reasons why sync can break down (not all of them within Evernote's control) and so you should work with support to see if they can get your stuff back.

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