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(Archived) Bug when searching within a single note using RTL languages



Looking at past forum posts, it appears that people have touched on issues with RTL searching, but I believe that my issue is different from ones brought up in the past.


First off, I want to clarify that I have no problem doing a global search (command-option-f) in all of my notes with RTL languages. Global searches in Hebrew and Arabic bring up the notes that I would expect.


However, the problem comes when performing a search within a single note (command-f). Whenever I do such a search in Hebrew or Arabic, for a word that I know for a fact is in the note, the search comes up with nothing. I believe that this is true for every note in a RTL language that I have.


Does Evernote know about this issue? Are there any plans to fix this? I could REALLY use this functionality, so that I don't have to copy my note into a text editor to complete my search...

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Evernote does not support right to left format.

Ans they don't offer any comments on their roadmap.


But here is some information I dug up:


The Evernote CTO, Dave Engberg, made the following comment in April 2010.
"We've added a number of languages in the last year with the help of our community translators. Arabic requires some additional effort for text entry (right to left) and for image processing and OCR (since the script isn't Latin). So this is something we'd like to see, but is a bit more effort than something like Dutch. "

Evernote forum admin GBarry made the following comment in August 2011
"I might also add that if your browser supports RTL, then our web version will allow it. "

and November 2011
"So, we're aware of all the interest in strong RTL (right to left) language support for our Arabic and Hebrew speaking users. Well, thanks to another discussion thread, we've nailed down the best browser for the job. While there isn't RTL support on any of the clients, the Web client will support RTL, assuming the browser settings allow for it. Chrome supports RTL, which can be used with the web app."

Evernote staff DLU made the following comment in February 2012
"This has been discussed internally, it isn't something we've written off. But we are also in the process of adding various languages, new features etc. And while I've seen some RTL support for desktop software, I suspect mobile is a different animal altogether."

My view: RTL, coded for the 14+ platforms Evernote supports, is probably quite difficult. I'd like to see Evernote concentrate on correcting the basics before launching into more advanced uses.


I believe OneNote supports RTL.

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Thanks for the update.


It's funny that everything says Evernote does not support RTL languages; I actually started taking notes in Evernote as opposed to a word editor partially because it was so easy to work with RTL text in Evernote. You can just right click on a selection of text and choose which direction you would like your text to go, and it works (at least in the desktop software for Macs). Clipping RTL text in Safari and Chrome have also worked just fine. I only have issues with the within-note searching that I specified in my original question.

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