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(Archived) FEATURE REQUEST: Create tasks from selected text in other notes

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Apologies if this has been proposed before.


Here's an idea for a simple but very useful task or to-do tool:

  1. User selects a line of text within an existing note
  2. User clicks a new button in EN
  3. A task (with checkbox) is automatically created in a separate, pre-defined "TASKS" note. (If that note doesn't exist, EN creates one in the default notebook).
  4. The newly created task is automatically linked back to the original note. This part is key for accessing detailed info as you go through tasks.
  5. Focus stays on the original note...the task is created in the background. (User can always have the TASKS note open separately as they work)

User will now have a separate TASKS note, where each task is also a link back to the original note for detailed info. Ideally, user could also collect or delete all completed tasks with a button/command.


Task managers can get complex very quickly, but this implementation would be fairly simple to implement with the current technology, since you can already do most of this manually.


Thoughts? Comments?


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Hi - thanks for the suggestion,  and I'm sure Evernote will take it on board;  however Evernote seem to have their own developments in hand down the 'getting stuff done' route - we're all waiting to see what comes out in the wash.  It may be something along these lines,  but Evernote have said that they don't want to be just another task manager; there's plenty of those out there already.

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Thanks, guzumped. I'll look forward to seeing it. It's so important to me to be able to connect research materials and notes (in EN) to my tasks, and I don't like any of the 3rd party options very much. I do wish there was a better way to also integrate email where you could stash email info in EN, but then also reply to an existing thread if needed. Most solutions are one-way only, into EN. But that would take coordination with the email app and is another topic for discussion. ;)

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It's tempting to use Evernote for everything,  but although it's central to most of what I do,  there are a lot of other packages that I use from publishing to design to mind-mapping.  I might keep project files in Evernote - in fact I usually do - but I wouldn't expect to see all the functionality of my other specialist apps available there.  I prefer "horses for courses".  And it doesn't stuff Evernote with code that's irrelevant to lots of other people, complicates the menus and overall slows things down.

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