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What applications are you using in conjunction with Evernote to manage projects, track time, create diagrams, write papers


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I have 2 small businesses that I am transitioning to my children.  Each business has less than 20 employees.   I am looking for the most complete software that will help me manage projects, track time, build workflow diagrams, interface with Quickbooks and encourage collaboration.  


We are using Liquid Planner, but it isn't working out for us.  Demo-ing QuickBooks PM service, but it is pricey.  I would appreciate any guidance.  Thanks!

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I am absolutely loving IQTELL, it is based on the GTD principles and is fabulous.  It is still in beta, but if you request an invite, they will send you one.  The development team is amazing, quick to resolve problems and constantly developing and improving it.

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