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(Archived) How Do Sort by Title on the iPhone?

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I hope someone can tell me how I Sort by Title on the iPhone?

Also, I have 202 notes and I would like to be able to view them all, without having to constantly LOAD 25 MORE NOTES.

Also, I would like to know if it is possible to have just a text list by TITLE from which I can select notes on the iPhone.

Thanks VERY much!

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You can currently sort by modification date, creation date, or relevance for your search results. There's no title sorting, and no text view without the thumbnail icons.

If you remember a word or a tag from the note, you may want to try searching for one or two words to narrow down your results so that you don't need to navigate through quite as much content.

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Any plan to introduce sort by alphabetical order? I keep my to-do list on the iphone and I definitely like to see them by the criticality so I use number to show the criticality. Example,,

11 - tax

20 - shopping

99 - clean house

This can be sorted on the PC but not on the iphone.

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I have 1300 text memos on my Palm Treo 680 with Soho Notes (or Yojimbo) on the Mac as main database; I am trying to migrate to the iPhone Evernote platform; so offline is an issue, because I need to manually switch the Favorite star on all of them, and I need alphabetical order otherwise I can't browse, can I.

Any suggestion for power users like myself?

Toodledo is just a to do list and does not cut it for me (i am using Omnifocus on Mac/iphone).

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