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(Archived) Really think Rotation of PDF Pages is a no Brainer important feature (either internal or part of scan-snap flow)


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This is actually I post I had in a thread on the MAC side -but my need it WIndows based so figured I could try to drum up some action here ....


I like to Scan to PDF from my Fujitsu ScanSnap to Evernote - But if I go directly my PDFs aqre rotated wrong


Since many of my documents do NOT get rotated correctly (have other languages) To me this is a crucial need.


At this moment what I do is I use Scansnap into either FIleCenter or PaperPort  - rotate in that program  and save ....   and then move the file into Evernote -  that is just so silly .....


and yes I need to be able to rotate individual sheets not just the whole pdf ....


Pdf page Rotation needs to be a top new feature.

I prefer it "at the time of scan i.e. from scansnap to evernote - but if I need to do it in Evernote I guess thats Ok too



Others agree?



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I have used it both ways - the issue is that with non- English  it is not very good at the rotation and some pages are good and others bad ...


Also for existing PDFs I would like to be able to rotate without having to  pull it out of evernote editing then going back in ..

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Page rotation works wonderfully for me in Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish. I use Adobe Pro X, which is essentially the same as the software that comes bundled with the ScanSnap scanner. What languages are you having trouble with?

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I'd like to vote for this feature.    I get both portrait and landscape documents daily.  And some are mixed mode.  Paper can be rotated at will.  Evernote is designed to take the place of paper.  If documents in Evernote can't be rotated as easily, then it's not doing it's job.  I'm not sure what the resistance is.   


Here's my workaround...   Scan the document with a SnapScan scanner.  Sync with Evernote on my PC.  Open the PDF in a reader and close.  (This will create a file in Evernote's Attachment folder.)  Open a 7 year old copy of Paperport that is pointed to manage the Attachment folder.  Rotate the PDF with one button click.  


Needless to say, my workaround is heavy on the work aspect.  So I find myself more often than not, craning my neck to read the note on my computer screen.



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Although I do have  a scansnap - I do not always create my PDFs with it ...

Also since I use other languages besides english - the auto rotate does not work ....


I do think that PDF rotate - by page is a no brainer to add

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It occurs to me that a downside of rotating pages "in" Evernote is that the file will have to be opened,  the page(s) modified,  and the whole thing saved back to the hosting note.  That will impact your upload limit - rather unfairly if you're just correcting 1 page in a 100 page document.. It's in your best interests to ensure any defects are fixed before the file is uploaded.

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