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(Archived) eventnoted calendar connection problem





I've been using eventnoted for a while and synced the notes with my mac and iPhone calendars. But unfortunately I can't connect anymore since I changed my evernote account password. Has anybody experienced the same problem? (I of coursed changed the password in the calendars too)




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Hi Alex and welcome to the forum,


I don't know anything about Eventnoted, which is obviously a 3rd party app.


My guess is, after changing your Evernote password you will need to go into Eventnoted and give it access to Evernote again using the new password.


Best regards



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Hi Alex,


It is a third party app that needs to be linked to Evernote. Basically you would give permission to Evernoted to access your Evernote account. Once you change your Evernote password that permission will be lost so you will have to go into Evernoted and give permission again.


Best regards



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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