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(Archived) Tagging Features from v2 to bring back

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There were a few tagging features that I really appreciated in v2 that I would like to see introduced to Evernote again:

Tag Icons, and Tagging Rules

I found tag icons to be extremely useful. A picture really is worth a thousand words -- never forget that! :( As the numbers of tags grows, having icons to pick the ones you want out of the list is invaluable. Of course, this would ideally be implemented Wherever Tags Are (in the tag list, in note headers, in the 'apply tag' window (which should actually be destroyed and just done through the note header), in searches, etc.).

I also used tag rules obsessively in v2. I would love to see these reintroduced, with the following scenarios in mind:

  • [*:1j8pycd5]Automatically tagging mobile/email notes so that I can come back and review these later.
    [*:1j8pycd5]Tagging posts that don't have tags.
    [*:1j8pycd5]Tagging posts that are clipped with various methods (web clipper, outlook clipper, etc.) and even specific sources (news.google.com, Microsoft Word, etc.)
    [*:1j8pycd5]Keyword autotags (same idea as what existed in v2, though the interface/syntax could easily be a lot cleaner)

And, since I'm here, I would like to add +1 vote to proper hierarchical tags. :)

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.. And saved searches, too, replaced keyword tagging.

Hmmm.. I feel a little silly now. I'd even say that this makes more 'sense' and is more organized. I guess then, I'd like to see an attribute for 'untagged'. Then my life would be complete in this regard. :(

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We don't currently have an entry for "untagged" in the attributes list, but you can do that manually by searching for:


That will select all notes that do not have any tags at all. You can then Save this to make a Saved Search if you want to do it again later.

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