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(Archived) Let's talk UX.. because there's a LOT of room for improvement


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Ok, so before you bite my head off, please understand that I really want to like this product. The potential is there but I'm struggling with the user-experience to the point where I'm ready to throw it out. But before I do, I figure I should try to see if my opinion matters and whether my 'constructive criticism' will provide some useful feedback..


1) Creating an new note

- When creating a new note, the cursor should start in the title field and I should be able to tab all the way through the notebook,url,tag properties before reaching the content container. Right now it defaults to the content container and if I tab through from the title box it goes title -> url -> content box. Not exactly useful


- I create multiple notes with the same tags. Why not enable the ability to create a note with the same properties (notebook, tag) as the one I have currently opened? This could be a shortcut, for example


2) Less reliance on the mouse

- There's way too much reliance on mouse clicks for this tool. You can't tab through properties (see above as an example) and there aren't enough text-formatting or basic control shortcuts. I'd love to see more work done in this space


3) Note list scrolling

- Why the heck does scrolling the vertical note list past the 'end' continue to push notes upwards or downwards only for them to 'bounce' back? This  feels like a deliberate design but it serves no purpose


4) The note editor

- Writing notes in this tool is not fun. One of my biggest issues is that the formatting that is enabled doesn't show up until you start typing. For example, you enable BOLD but it doesn't show as selected until you start typing content. This causes a lot of formatting rework which is a pain in the butt.


- The ability to manually create notes is pretty useless if I cannot use that content outside of evernote. Yes, I know people say that EN is not a not editor but a lot of people use it for this since the functionality exists. IMO, this makes EN way more valuable than just a place to store snapshots of the web! I'd love to see seamless format integration with Windows (documents, email, etc) but I'd settle for list functionality that would format properly in other programs


5) More nesting of notebooks

Yes, I said it. :) There's no good reason to not offer this functionality.




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Your opinion matters, but I will say that these points have been brought up several times before.

There are legitimate user reasons for some of your objections which have been pointed out in other posts.

Other issues ... well, Evernote does not reveal their plans so we can only guess.

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