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(Archived) Auto Formatting, or how to debug your stored functions


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Okay, I can understand that a developer thinks the majority of their users simply forget to put a space after a full stop; but for the love of god at least give the rest of us the option when pasting INTO Evernote not to auto format..


I Store my functions here.. I do it because I want to save time when coding. The time I saved is now gone and has turned into an exercise in White Space hunting.. or double stop pasting (IDE - Notepad - Evernote) without formatting..


Trying to find the 2 bad whitespaces here can be a lesson in "why the hell am I paying for premium EN?


$FileWithoutExtension = $path .Remove ($path .LastIndexOf ('.' ),4)
Just turn this stupid and bloated feature off. You are turning EverNote into a Word Processor, Notepad was a lot better. If I want to write LETTERS I do it in Office, not evernote. If I expect my NOTES to retain the formatting I give them, I do it in evernote. Or DID anyway.
I pay for evernote premium because it WAS the best way for me to work. It no longer is due to this crappy feature that no one needds(did this on purpose to show you, you still know what i want and the note is original). NOTE taking is not formal LETTER writing. If this feature is not gone or at least optional by the time my premium comes to renewal time, it wont be renewed.
Remove Autoformatting is not an option, it just removes all the extra lines(That are also part of code formatting).. the spaces are still there. The only way around it is to paste the code into notepad and then into evernote. which is kind of another exercise in Why Premium?
@Forum Ed: Move this freely if it is in the wrong forum. Thanks for at least not formatting this rant for me...
Just as an aside, I probably would not mind as much if it were consistent: ( I assume it is because on Variable as a numeral char on the end and the other a text char..)
function Create-Chart
        #Create Chart Background
        # title
       [void] $chart1.Titles.Add( "Overview of Grade A Systems" )
        $chart1.Titles[0].Font = "Arial,13pt"
        $chart1.Titles[0].Alignment = "topLeft"
        # create a chartarea to draw on and add to chart
        $chartarea = New-Object System.Windows.Forms.DataVisualization.Charting.ChartArea
        $chartarea .Name = "ChartArea1"
        $chartarea .AxisY.Title = "Response Time (ms)"
        $chartarea .AxisX.Title = "Time"
        $chartarea .AxisY.Interval = 5
        $chartarea .AxisX.Interval = 1
        $chart1.ChartAreas.Add( $chartarea )
        # legend
        $legend = New-Object system.Windows.Forms.DataVisualization.Charting.Legend
        $legend.name = "Legend1"
        $chart1.Legends.Add( $legend)
        # data series
       [void] $chart1.Series.Add( "ICMP" )
        $chart1.Series[ "ICMP" ].ChartType = "FastLine"
        $chart1.Series[ "ICMP" ].BorderWidth = 1
        $chart1.Series[ "ICMP" ].IsVisibleInLegend = $true
        $chart1.Series[ "ICMP" ].chartarea = "ChartArea1"
        $chart1.Series[ "ICMP" ].Legend = "Legend1"
        $chart1.Series[ "ICMP" ].color = "#62B5CC"
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