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(Archived) Evernote 5.1 for Mac Superscript/subscript hot keys



I've been having a problem with the new superscript/subscript shortcut keys. I can apply superscripts and subscripts through the format menu (format > style > superscript or subscript) but when I try to use the shortcut listed next to these options, nothing happens.


I love that this has been updated into Evernote for Mac as I have been needing it for taking notes in math classes, but I do need the ease of using shortcuts for quick note taking. I like how on the web app, the superscript and subscript style options are featured at the top next to the bold, italic, and underline options. Can we have this function in the same place on the Mac version?


Is anyone else having these problems?


Thanks in advance.

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Hi theinspired615,


What Evernote Mac version are you using? You can find this by going to Evernote > About Evernote.


The keyboard shortcuts for superscript and subscript are CTRL-CMD-+ and CTRL-CMD- -, respectively.


I was able to reproduce your bug halfway; the subscript shortcut works but superscript one does not.


Thanks for reporting the bug!

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For superscript shortcut of CTRL CMD +, you have to press a Shift key in order to produce a +. It may look confusing, but it is standard behavior for Mac applications like Keynote and Pages. 


Our subscript shortcut follows standard behavior of Keynote and Pages as well.

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This bug still exists when using the Dvorak-Qwerty CMD keyboard layout, and shift doesn't make it work there. The same problem exists in Pages. The only workaround is to add a custom shortcut to my Keyboard settings for cmd-ctrl-shift-=, set to "Superscript".


I'd also argue that Pages' behavior is a bug, as it should really include Shift in the keyboard shortcut if you're supposed to hold shift. I don't think copying Pages' behavior is the right choice. Pages also can't do superscripts when using Dvorak-Qwerty CMD.

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