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(Archived) Cannot access saved searches in latest version of Evernote Windows client


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Is there a known problem with accessing saved searches using the latest Windows client for Evernote? I can create the saved searches but cannot see them by double-clicking in the Search field. I can access them perfectly when I log into the Web client.


Any way around this problem would be appreciated. It is extremely frustrating.


Thank you,




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Hi Rosanne, welcome to the forums :)

What you are seeing is a slight difference between the two clients. The web and windows client show the saved searches slightly differently.

There are a couple of ways to access them in the Windows client:

1. The saved searches are listed in the left panel, below everything else. You may have to collapse notebooks and tags, or scroll to see them.

2. The top level of Saved searches can be pinned to the favourites bar, for easier access to them.

3. There is also a shortcut that shows the same menu as 2, but doesn't need it to be pinned to work. Alt + Shift + S or Win + Shift F4

You can see how they are used here:



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Thanks very much, Scott. I have a very long list of notebooks that I am trying to simply using saved searches, hence I could not see the saved searches in the left panel.


Once I knew where to look, I found my saved searches and pinned to the favourites bar. I knew they had to be somewhere!




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direct access to saved searches with  Alt + Shift + S was perfect. I just upgraded to evernote 5 and now I'm not able to replicate this behaviour anymore  :(


The best i could do is add a saved search to the Shortcuts section as explained here but still not good enough, and using the F6 search for accessing saved searches is not practical.


Any suggestions?





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