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(Archived) Weekly planner

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Hello I'm new to Evernote- I did use it years ago, but it just didn't catch on with me. I'm giving it another shot as I'm tired of having things scattered all over the place. I'm also looking into some organization in just daily life- looking at things like GTD, 7 Habits (really like this one so far), etc. 


I'm wondering if any of you use Evernote for a weekly planner- similar to the 7 Habits method (using roles, etc.) and if so is there a template somewhere to make this kind of note? A weekly plan note, I mean. 


Any help would be appreciated.


Tessa (aka dirtcandy)

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I would check over at https://kustomnote.com/ BUT Evernote is not strong on the dates, side at least not yet. My platform doesn't even have reminder dates yet. 


So you could make out a weekly planner in a template but it probably won't function with reminders, etc like a calendar app would. 

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I starting using a modified Project Master Planner Template (http://gieglas.com/799-evernote-project-master-note-template/) for critical information as part of large, multiyear construction projects.  A similar approach would work for your weekly plan note.  I keep it in Collection Box, my default notebook which somebody here recommended, and copy and paste as required into other notebooks.  


I could see a check box To-Do list, weekly "Top XX  things I need to get done or Else" list and similar notes.  What are you looking to put into your planner?

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