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(Archived) HELP! With Hotkeys!



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Hi RyanBouse,


You can go to Evernote > Preferences > Shortcuts to set hot keys for quick note, new note window, etc. Additional note shortcuts like changing note title are in the menubar under Note.


There are also keyboard shortcuts for those notes/notebooks/tags/saved searches under Shortcuts in the left sidebar. For example, if the first item directly under Shortcuts in the sidebar is a note called "Todo list," Evernote automatically assigns it a shortcut of CMD-1, and all items following it CMD-2, CMD-3, etc respectively.


In terms of assigning hot keys for notes, what exactly do you mean? Like hitting A for note #1, B for note #2? Is this in a notebook context or in All Notes context, etc? 


Please explain your workflow and reasoning behind this request.

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