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Manage your Evernote Reminders with Remember The Milk


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Whoa! Good catch. It may just make me go back to RTM. 


I switched back to Things a while back (via a stop off at OmniFocus!), but, yeah, I'm definitely taking another look at RTM with this announcement.


Been trying it out for the past hour or so and it seems to work really well. The iOS apps are awaiting an update, but adding a reminder in Evernote is already putting it into RTM and you can then check it off in RTM. Excellent stuff :)

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This is fantastic when used with the "mail to Evernote" function.


I get an email that I need to action tomorrow. I can now forward it to Evernote via email, adding "!tomorrow" to the end of the Subject and it then gets sent to Evernote as normal, but also now gets added as a task with a due date of tomorrow in Remember The Milk :)


This is just perfect!

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