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(Archived) Evernote training videos - getting started

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Brand new to Evernote and noticed a ton of training videos on the site.


Is there a viewing sequence that makes sense - I have no specific needs that would point me a certain video. I just want to learn how to use the product as thoroughly as possible.




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Hi and welcome to the forums !


There is no particular sequence you MUST follow. You might start with the "Getting started guide" (see my signature).

User manuals (for the OS you are using) are also a good starting point.

Just start and create a few notes and see how it goes. And you can always ask questions here.


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Yup.  There's no substitute for actual experience in using Evernote - and no-one can tell you in advance exactly how it should fit into your life or processes.  Most of the functions are pretty simple.  Just have a go.

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