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I'm trying to figure out how to directly open an Evernote PDF in Skitch.  


Looking at "Annotate a PDF" of the "Mac Guide" of the "Getting Started with Skitch" page (http://evernote.com/skitch/guide/mac/#5), the guide says:


For more information on opening PDFs in Skitch, see 'Create from PDF' in the Create an Image section of this user guide.


The referenced section does not seem to actually exist, and the link is dead.  Also, there is no "Create from PDF" option in my version of Skitch (2.5.2) which I downloaded today.  Does the program really have this feature, or is the guide off?  Thanks.






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How about create pdf files again.Or you can create a Visual C# .NET PDF document creation control toolkit which can not only allow  to generate an empty standard PDF document file but also offer them the ability to define the page numbers of generated PDF document by simple C# programming code.

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Saving a copy is certainly the conservative and safe choice.  The effect is to create a version history which might be useful, but can also be annoying, particularly since there is no intelligent naming convention applied.


I opened an original PDF named Mixing that was in a notebook named Bread.  I edited it in Skitch and the edited copy was saved to my "Skitch" notebook and named "Mixing".


I opened the edited "Mixing" from EN (odd that the default open was to Acrobat Pro - I had to manually select Skitch), edited again, and this time a copy was saved as "annotated" in the Skitch folder.


I opened the "annotated" document in Skitch, made another edit, and got yet another "annotated" document in the Skitch folder.


So when I was finished, I had:


Bread notebook:  Original Mixing

Skitch notebook:  Original Mixing with edit 1, "annotated" with edit 1 and 2 and "annotated" with edits 1, 2 and 3.


I now have four copies of the original document at various stages of editing.  Again, this might be useful to some, but for myself it's just annoying, particularly because there is nothing in the naming to differentiate the two "annotated" documents, though they do have different updated dates.  None the less this is pretty messy.  I suggest:


a- user preference for creating copies versus editing the original.  It could take the form of 


Preference:  When opening with Skitch - edit a copy Always, Never, or Prompt


b-  If the user does want a new copy, put the edited copy back into the same notebook as the original.


c- Come up with a suffix naming convention for the copies since having two documents both named "annotated" is confusing.


With regard to the summary, they could certainly be useful, but they also introduce a lot of overhead in a document.  In the document referenced above which I edited 3 times I have to scroll down several "pages" to get to the actual document.   My suggestion:


a-  Have a user preference for summaries (Always, Never, Prompt)


b-  When summaries are present, hide them (or another preference) with a button or menu item to display them, similar to the way email headers may be displayed as either abbreviated (from, to, subject) or full (entire routing history, reply to, etc., etc.). 


There is a lot to like in the new Skitch, but also a lot of opportunities for a v2.6.

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Thanks for your reply.  My question was more about integration between Evernote and Skitch.  I can see now that, within Evernote, I can right-click on a pdf and open it in Skitch.  However, I believe there is iOS functionality that is absent from the mac version.  In iOS, you can use the "create from PDF" option to access all Evernote pdf's directly from within Skitch.  You cannot do this in the mac version (though, as discussed, the online guide thinks you can).  Is this a feature still under development?  For those of us who use the Evernote web clipper to download research articles from the web, having the added integration would save a step.

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I have a somewhat related question.  When I edit a PDF stored in EN, using Skitch, it creates a new version, with the version summary, and saves it in the Skitch default folder.  This seems analogous to a forced "Save As".  Now I have two copies of the document, in different folders.  I might want that, but I'd also like a simple "Save", that will just put the document back into the original note, without the Skitch summary at the beginning.

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@Boatguy - Thanks for the feedback. The cause of the extra copies is due to the way Evernote and Skitch currently work together. We're working on a solution for that right now, which won't result in the duplicate copies unless you explicitly want to do that. That should reduce the instances of annotated 1, 2, 3, etc. 


This solution should solve a & b.


In regards to C - Good feedback and this is something we want to change. By the way you can change the name on a Mac by clicking on the document in the upper right and typing a new one. That field can be edited. 


As for the summary:

Right now you can choose to not have the summary, but it requires you to use the Drag Me tab and drag back into Evernote. Select PDF from the dropdown and drag to a note and you will get a PDF without the summary page.


I think the reason you're seeing the summary in Skitch is because you've edited a copy of a copy of a copy and in each case Evernote is passing the PDF as if new to Skitch and the Summary page is shown. By default if you open the same PDF, but use the Skitch library interface, then the PDF summary page is not displayed. 

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@gxman - You found a typo in our user guide. That line is not correct, but however the capability to open and annotate a PDF is true. 


On Skitch Mac you can do any of the following to open a PDF:

Simply drag and drop any PDF onto the Skitch icon;

Or drag and drop into the Skitch library;

Or drag and drop onto an open Skitch canvas;

Or select a PDF, do a right click, select Open With and then select Skitch.


Any of those methods will open a PDF inside of Skitch. 


The term "Create from PDF" is a little misleading as you aren't actually creating a PDF so much as opening one up for annotating. 

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@gxman - Ah, yes iOS has that feature currently. We're piloted it on the iOS in order to judge its usefulness. We're rethinking about how we access content from Evernote right now and have plans to build a better overall experience that leverages both products effectively. We've got a couple of ideas in the concept stage and are working, but not a clear winner yet. Clear and easy interoperability is high on our list of features. 

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Let me break down my response to address your two concerns.


Saving a copy - This is by design because of two assumptions: 1) That you might not have the original document and therefore the PDF you have is the only unaltered version of the content; and 2) that you own the original content and can produce a new PDF at will thus you can choose which copy is more important to keep/discard. We don't want to be destructive (assumption 1) or make the choice for you (assumption 2). 


That said we're considering options that would let you annotate and replace if you so choose, or to have both.


Skitch Summary - This was by design as well, as our assumption was that in most cases users are annotating a PDF and them communicating about the important things to someone else, thus it is best to focus the recipient on the most important changes and let them navigate there very quickly (In case you didn't know in most PDF readers the summary snippets are clickable links to the page in question). 


While there is no menu option to "Save without a Summary" you can select "PDF" as the format on the Drag Me tab and then simply drag a summary-less PDF to wherever you would like. 

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