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Community Guidelines for Third Party Application Posts (read this first)

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The Evernote community is a great resource for both developers and users looking for third party applications built in conjunction with the Evernote API. Developers are welcome to post information on their applications and recruit users to help test, and users are welcome to work with developers to help improve their products, provided that users should be aware of that there are risks associated with using any third party applications, including those that are in beta. Developers should NOT upload applications to the forums; instead, developers should provide a link to the location from which users may download or access the application. Guidelines for both users and developers regarding third party applications are as follows:


For Developers:

  • All posts, including Developer posts, must adhere to the community’s general code of conduct. In addition, all applications must comply with the Evernote Terms of Service and the Evernote API License Agreement.
  • Third party application information posted by developers to the forum must have an integration with the Evernote API, completed or actively being developed. Any application that does not have nor intend to build an Evernote integration will be treated as spam. The forum post should include an explanation of the Evernote integration points.
  • Evernote is not obligated to endorse, promote, or share your posts with the community and beyond.
  • We cannot guarantee that Evernote users will be willing and/or interested in testing your application. It is up to your team to seek and request feedback through social media and forum channels (but do not spam users).
  • Developers should not use the Private Message system to promote or seek users unless explicitly invited to do so by a user.
  • In certain circumstances and in Evernote’s sole discretion, when working with the Evernote Developer Relations team, we may at times endorse or promote a third party application or beta.
  • Developers posting about their betas and apps must provide contact information for testers to provide feedback and support questions, including expected response times for user feedback (Example: “We will respond within X hours [or days] to any user feedback.”) Developers should take into account their available resources when giving this estimated response time frame.
  • Evernote may remove a developer’s posting to the forum at any time.

For Evernote users:

  • All betas and third party applications are considered "use at your own risk" and are not supported by Evernote Support.
  • Evernote will not be responsible if use of a third party application results in changes in, modifications to, or deletions of content from your Evernote account. To ensure the safety and security of your content, we encourage all beta testers to create Evernote test accounts and to make regular backups of their Evernote data.
  • Users who find a developer acting inappropriately or providing inadequate responsiveness to user feedback/issues should report any questionable activity to Evernote Support.
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