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(Archived) today's upgrade: notes list view locked into sidebar vs. top of screen - help!



This morning's Evernote upgrade seems to have made a major shift in how the sidebars/top list view is displayed and it's already driving me nuts. The standard sidebar is still on the left (shortcuts, recent, etc.) but now the notes in the notebook in which I'm working are appearing also on the left in a vertical stack vs. at the top of the screen in a list. I use the list view A LOT - w/ date created, date modified, etc. above the note in which I'm working. Having it on the left is a huge waste of space for me, both in being able to write and view longer lines while I'm writing and editing in the lower pane, and, if I display date modified and date created, now I've lost more than half my screen real estate. Super, super irritating, Evernote! 


Is there a way to switch back to the view with the Notes list on top of the writing/editing panel?? 


Making me crazy...


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