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(Archived) Android 4.1 install Evernote on SD card?


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I'm running out of internal storage space on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. Android version 4.1


What happens if I insert an SD card? Can I move all Evernote notes to the SD card?


(I've searched the forums, but can't find a real answer for this. It looks like this would be possible on older Android versions, but not on current versions?).

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Well the bad news is you won't be able to move much of Evernote to the SD card - AFAIK current versions of Android can't save the database anywhere but internal memory.  But you can clear the decks by moving any pictures and multimedia files you have to SD to create space.  You can also limit your local database to relevant stuff,  and put non-essential items into a database that you'll download if necessary rather than have on local search.

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I was afraid of that. I don't have a lot of pictures and multi-media files so that won't help much.


Yes. I guess it's time to create some none-essential notebooks. That will free up some space for the next couple of months.


Too bad. Next time I'll buy a 32gb device...

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