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(Archived) 7 Tools to improve the way you use Evernote (Make Use Of)

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Those nice folks at MUO have published a quick guide to various add-ins that might be of interest...





Can you explain little more on Gmail labeling! I dont get it :), so they go to specific Notebook or?


No personal knowledge here, but if you're using IFTTT I'd imagine you can choose which to set up;  either let the email go to the (current) default notebook,  or assign it to a specific notebook.  I'd think you could do something similar with Gmail rules anyway - "If I get a mail from work,  forward a copy to my Evernote address with the heading + '@work'"

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My problem with IFTTT re: emails is it only supports plain text. I use the Mailbox app on my iPhone (life-changing app right there, but that's another story), and I have a List titled Evernote. Once IFTTT supported sublabels (which Mailbox uses for its Lists feature), I created a recipe that sent any emails placed in my Evernote List to Evernote. Problem was, an email that looked like this in my inbox looked like this once sent to Evernote via IFTTT. It's nice that IFTTT allows you to choose the content, and its arrangement, of the note sent to Evernote (as opposed to just forwarding it, like when using Gmail Labels), but the fact that it can only support plain text renders it, for me, useless. 


I do HEAVILY use IFTTT to back up other things (Favorites on Flickr & Dribbble, blog post archives, Facebook statuses, Instagram archive, articles faved in Pocket, the list goes on). But for email, it seems quite weak. 


RE: the article, EverClip and Skitch are applications I use almost every day. Can't recommend them highly enough! Them and Drafts. Drafts on iOS is pure gold.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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