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(Archived) How To Open Full Screen?


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Hi all, I have always had a problem with Evernotes and was wondering if anyone can help. Whenever I go to my tray and click on the Evernotes icon to bring it up it always comes up small and then I have to click the button to make it full screen. Is there any way to make it so it comes up full screen right away? I have tried enlarging the box by pulling the sides out before closing but on reopening, same thing. Thanks in advance. I hope there is a screenshot below which will show what I am talking about.


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Evernote should remember the state in which it was last closed; so get the window to full screen then exit the app completely (including any system tray icon) and restart it.  Unless you have a 'start minimised' box ticked somewhere that should fix it.

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Well, the verdict is in......No Go. Evernotes worked good yesterday just fine. I opened and closed it numerous times and it opened full screen. I shut my computer down last night and when I booted it up this morning and started Evernotes with the tray icon, it opened small again. I have checked settings and I can't see where I have anything checked to open minimized. Any more suggestions is appreciated. Thanks. CC

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