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(Archived) Feature Request: Sync between web and CERTAIN computers.

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I have been trying out Evernote for a few weeks now and I like it. However, the only show stopper for me is the ability to sync my notebooks selectively based on the computer I'm using. I know there's "Synchronized" and "Local Only", but what if I want ALL my notes on the web, but not necessarily across all the computers I use? I guess an example will explain this better:

I use Evernote at work (my work computer). I use Evernote at home (my home computer). I want all my work notes AND all my personal notes to be synced to the web in case I am logged into Evernote at neither of these computers. Now, one day, I decide I'm getting sick of my job and at my home computer I start entering notes about job leads, notes about my resume, and how much I hate my job, etc. :-) I certainly don't want this information to end up on my work computer. But I still want this information synced to the web so I can access it anywhere. However, I would like my work computer notes to be synced to the web AND synced to my home computer as well.

Could this be a possibility in the future? Or if this already exists, how can this be accomplished?



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This isn't currently supported. I think your best bets for this might be: use the web interface only from your work computer or else use Evernote on a USB drive so that you don't have a copy of your database on the work hard drive. The USB option is easiest if you have a SanDisk drive supporting the U3 format (http://www.evernote.com/about/download/#a-sandisk), but you can also use the "Install Evernote Portable" menu option from your home machine to install the USB edition on any USB drive.

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OK, that seems like an acceptable workaround. I do have a SanDisk U3 compatible key drive that I can use.

Another possibility I was thinking of was Evernote providing a browser plug-in so that it could accept copy & paste from the host clipboard but the data would only exist on the web. That way, the client application would not even be needed for people who don't want the data stored on particular local computers.

Anyway, thanks for the quick response. Good product.

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