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(Archived) So where are the "quick note based to-do lists"?



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It's certainly possible I'm missing something but I don't believe that's the case.  If it is:


1. Why do they call it out as a feature separate/in addition to reminders?

2. Notice how in the screenshot you see reminders in the center window and the list over in a pane on the right?  I don't see that pane showing up, hence this thread.



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jsharp29 is correct -- that screen cap is just showing a note that has to-do checkboxes. Note that the third reminder down in the reminder area of the center panel (vertical note list) is named "Project Plan", same as the title of the note shown in the rightmost panel. They're calling this out to show how reminders go along with the notebook of the note that contains the reminder. "Project Coordination" is the notebook, shown in the heading over the reminder and also in the note info section.

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Thanks.  I am not at a PC that I can test it from right now, so just to make sure I follow, you are saying that right pane will show up if I create to-do's?  I just want to make sure that right pane is supposed to show up, as opposed to that being something they "photoshopped" to show users the feature?

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Nevermind, lol.  I saw that screen and for some reason my mind kept seeing a new/different 3-pane view with navigation bar, large center section, small right info pane.  Now I realize I'm just seeing the standard 3-pane view with navigation bar, note snippets, and a small portion of the note pane over on the right!

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