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(Archived) Feature Request: iPhone Audio Note Recorder

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Hey, I would love a way to get at the Evernote voice note recorder faster, especially while driving when I really shouldn't be paying attention to the iPhone. Here's what I think would be an awesome solution, another app, or button that takes my directly to Evernote's record a new note page and start recording. When you're done you just hit stop and it dumps it into the Inbox without any other data. Well, maybe it could tittle it something like Mobile Audio Note and add the location data, but it's got to be fast, I'll process it correctly later when I have more then a moment or two.

I think this makes a lot of sense for people, like myself, to be able to instantly get down whatever is in our heads no matter when an idea springs to mind. I've thought about using another audio note recorder on the iPhone but I just love Evernote too much to give anything else a try!

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Not iPhone specific, but I use Dial2Do. Similiar to Jott, but free (Like Jott used to be).

Load D2D's number into your iPhone (or any other phone). Add a speed dial if you want to eliminate some steps.

I use voice dialing a lot while I am driving.

I am asked what do I want to do? [email; text; remember the milk; calendar (for my gcal); and evernote]

Say evernote.

Then record whatever you want.

I use D2D least with evernote and mostly with remember the milk (RTM).

Hope that helps you while you wait for the specific functionality you wanted.


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